There are many ways we can help film makers, artists and productions get off the ground and help projects get made, completed or screened. Please see below for more details and feel free to get in touch via email.

Whilst we’re not a huge production company, we do have a pretty decent experience in short film production having worked on hundreds of shorts as well as indie and Hollywood features, so we can normally help in some way to bring your film to life. It might be introducing you to someone else who can help with your specific requirements, it might be advising on locations and or where and how to develop your idea. It might be introducing you to people with kit or studios where you can shoot.  Our knowledge is fairly specialised locally, but we’re always trying to bring people together from further afield.

We work with some really great crew members and have contacts around the country who might be willing to work on your film ourselves or put you in touch with some people that might.  Collaboration is a really important aspect of political film as often these are the types of work that may not have mainstream audiences (or funding), so the work only gets made and seen because of people pulling together.

Post Production
In our studio in Bristol we have a pretty decent post production facility that can edit, master, provide hard drive space, render and create animation and graphics – including titles and credits.  We can also help with creating masters and DCPs for exhibition.

Whilst we don’t have access to large amounts of money, we might be able to assist certain projects with small amounts of funding to help people make microbudget shorts or docs, to assist with travel expenses and/or kit hire (just for example). We really want to see more purposeful films being made in the area of radical politics and sometimes a film being made or completed can come down to a few hundred pounds, with access to funding ever tighter we want to put our own money into making other projects happen. Whilst for any funding we’d expect a decent proposal and plan for the money and the project, we’d give without strings attached so as not to hamper visions and round off the edges of work that may need to be pointed.

If any of the above help is of interest to you, or if your needs are slightly different to these four categories, get in touch anyway as it’s not an exhaustive list – just some suggestions of ways we might be able to help.